Mavis Staples, Brittany Howard Assist Star-Studded 'Everyday People' Jam on 'Late Show'

Peter Lueders
Jon Batiste

Jon Batiste has got off to an auspicious start in his new role as bandleader for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. For his first act, the multi-talented musician pulled together an A-team for a close-out rendition of Sly & the Family Stone's "Everyday People."

Batiste was ably supported with the likes of Mavis StaplesBrittany Howard from Alabama ShakesBen Folds, Aloe Blacc and of course, his band Stay Human.

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The Stephen Colbert era at helm of the Late Show has begun with largely favorable reviews. THR’s Tim Goodman liked what he saw. “Beyond minor first-night quibbles,” he wrote, “I have little doubt that Colbert will be absolutely essential viewing on a nightly basis and his show will be a success no matter what way he eventually settles in the chair.”