M.I.A. Reveals She's Working With Skrillex For New Album

m.i.a. mia 2014
Courtesy of UMG

As M.I.A. works on her fifth studio album due later this year, she hasn't divulged many details about it. Thanks to her Instagram, though, we now know someone who is involved in the process: Skrillex.

M.I.A. Announces New Mixtape and Video

The rapper posted a picture of Skrillex intently working on a computer with a caption including two aliens, two fire bursts and the album's title, insinuating that the electronic music producer is part of the project.

Although she has yet to officially release a single from the album (probably called Matahdatah), M.I.A. released a video titled "Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than a Border" on Apple Music in July. The six-minute video includes her Matangi song "Warriors" as well as a new track called "Swords," and is reportedly the first of ten productions on the LP.