Rachel Platten Shares Her 'Fight Song' With Young Cancer Patient: Watch

rachel platten 2015
Gabriel Jeffrey

Rachel Platten photographed in 2015.

For 7-year-old Jeremiah Succar who's fighting a rare form of cancer, Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" means a little more than most. And, recently, he got a great surprise that should make it mean a bit more. 

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A couple weeks ago Platten joined Succar at the hospital after finding out about his fandom and sang a duet of the song. 

Watch a video of their meeting, which was released Tuesday, here:

"Jeremiah loves 'Fight Song,'" his dad Jerry Succar told the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, "He memorized the lyrics after three or four times of listening to it. He used to sing it when he got a lot of headaches, but now he sings it in the morning, before bed and during shots he has to get."

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Jeremiah is fighting stage-four atypical rhabdoid teratoid the hospital describes as "an aggressive, fast-growing tumor that occurs in the brain and spinal cord." He just finished his second round of chemotherapy.