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Steve Earle

'Now' Or Never

SteveSteve Earle wears his politics on his sleeve on his new studio album, "The Revolution Starts... Now," due this week via Artemis. The 11-track set finds the outspoken singer/songwriter advocating his most blatant anti-government stance on the guitar-driven "F the CC." Earle pulls no punches in his assault on the Ramones-esque track, which boasts the chorus, "F*** the FCC /f*** the FBI / f*** the CIA / I'm living in the motherf***ing U.S.A."

The album kicks off with the brief call-to-arms cut "The Revolution Starts...," which ends suddenly before segueing into "Home to Houston." A full version of the song, titled "The Revolution Starts Now," closes the set.

Elsewhere, National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice comes directly under fire in "Condi, Condi," while Earle also airs his frustrations on "Gringo," "Rich Man's War" and the spoken word track "Warrior."

Lest fans thing Earle is operating with a one-track mind, he eschews politics and bares his tender side on the mid-tempo "Comin' Around," a duet with longtime friend Emmylou Harris. "Revolution" also includes the heartbreaking ballad "I Thought You Should Know."