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Richie Sambora Developing HBO Series About Up-and-Coming Rock Band

While his former rock band is dealing with major label woes, ex-Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora is looking to the future with a new HBO show about an as-yet-unnamed group of rising rock stars.

Sambora told ABC News Radio that the show will explore the real trials and tribulations of musicians trying to make it in the music business. He said that he was initially contacted to give his expertise as a music supervisor for the network, but they were interested in his idea for a script.

His original plan was to write a tell-all autobiography, but he changed his mind after thinking about it.

“It’s like, I don’t want to do that clichéd thing about who slept with who, what substance happened here, what was going on there,” Sambora said. “I’m a Jersey guy, so I keep everything to the chest. I don’t want to talk about anybody anyway, right? Plus, I have a daughter... So I said, ‘Why don’t I write a teleplay?’” 

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Sambora said he has plenty of material from his own life to draw from for a script. “I went between [being a] record company president [at age 28], and then I had another label. I was a manager. I'm a mentor,” he said. “I'm a songwriter for other artists. I produce other artists…I have all that life experience."

Sambora said he was also asked to appear in the show, but turned it down because he doesn’t enjoy acting. “It wouldn’t leave me any time to do anything else,” he said. He has acted before, however, in the film On the Line and on television in American Dreams and Still Standing. Sambora is set to appear in an episode of the new John Stamos show, Grandfathered.

In the meantime, Sambora is putting the finishing touches on a new album with his girlfriend, guitarist Orianthi.