Watch Miley Cyrus in Disguise Ask People What They Think About Miley Cyrus

Courtesy of ABC
Miley Cyrus with Jimmy Kimmel during the Aug. 26, 2015 taping of "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Miley's bein' Miley: Making the promo rounds in support of her hosting gig at the VMAs Sunday night.

Wednesday night Miley Cyrus swung by Jimmy Kimmel. In addition to a fun chat where she showed off some pasties (natch), the former Hannah Montana actress participated in a goofball sketch where she disguised herself as an Australian reporter and asked people what they thought of Miley Cyrus. 

Boy, did people have some thoughts about her, America, and her whole dang family. Special shout out to the guy at the end Cyrus quickly flashed to prove she was, in fact, Miley.