Justin Bieber Shows Off His Shirtless Skateboarding Skills

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
Justin Bieber performs with Jack U during Hard Summer Music Festival at Fairplex on August 2, 2015 in Pomona, California. 

When Billboard spoke with Justin Bieber's "Where Are U Now" collaborator (and fellow Hot 100 Fest headliner) Skrillex recently, the DJ/producer told us the pop idol is frustratingly good at everything he does.

"Justin is a f---ing virtuoso," Skrillex said. "He’ll school you at everything: Ping-Pong, basketball, freestyle rapping. The kid is so competitive. Whatever he does he’s super good at, so you don’t stand a chance. It’s not even fair."

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Add skateboarding to that list. Even though Bieber hasn't been skating for as long as he's been singing, basketball-ing and rapping, he's slowly mastering it.

Bieber shared a few Instagram videos of himself (shirtless, because obviously) pulling off a few tricks. Nothing to put him in the company of legends, true, but impressive nonetheless for someone who's a relative newcomer.

Watch Bieber be good at yet another thing above, and check him out at the Billboard Hot 100 Fest this weekend. Get tickets here and check out the Hot 100 schedule.  

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