Lady Gaga Sends Cease-and-Desist to Breast Milk Ice Cream Makers: Report

Lady Gaga
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Lady Gaga is seen leaving The Royal Albert Hall in London after her gig with Tony Bennett on June 8, 2015.

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Lady Gaga has reportedly sent a cease-and-desist letter to The Licktators, the makers of a U.K. based ice cream made with breast milk in honor of the royal baby, calling it Royal Baby Gaga. (WHAT?)

Apparently, Gaga's team feels the name infringes on the trademark of her stage name and doesn't want her associated with breast milk ice cream. Which, fair. (A rep for Gaga did not immediately respond to Billboard's request for confirmation.)

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The company's Nadine O’Connor told the U.K.'s The Mirror that they had been warned to withdraw the item and all mentions of the product within 14 days. O'Connor said: "We will not be bullied into removing content from social media relating to our product and subsequent media coverage. However, we will send complimentary tubs of our ice cream to Lady Gaga for chilling out to, as a gesture of peace and goodwill."

Somehow, this isn't the first time there's been issues with Lady Gaga and breast milk ice cream. In 2011, Gaga's team also sued The Licktators over their first issue of breast milk ice cream, which was then called Baby Gaga. 

h/t NME