Bruce Allen on Jon Bon Jovi's Cancelled Vancouver Show: 'Believe Me, No Other Date Will Be Announced'

Jon Bon Jovi
David Bergman

Jon Bon Jovi

The outspoken manager of Bryan Adams and Michael Bublé said the "fiasco" was run by "rank amateurs."

Bruce Allen saw the cancellation of this weekend’s Jon Bon Jovi concert coming and says if he ran City Hall he’d fire the entire Parks Board for even booking the event at Vancouver’s top-ranked Stanley Park. The no-words-barred manager of Bryan Adams and Michael Bublé presented his forceful rant on his Reality Check segment for news-talk radio station CKNW.

The Bon Jovi front man was set to play Stanley Park Aug. 22 with his side project Jon Bon Jovi & The Kings of Suburbia, which he formed in 2012. Promoter Paper Rain has said the concert is postponed. Allen thinks otherwise.

“Anybody who’s been in the business for 20 minutes, knew it from the outset: the Jon Bon Jovi concert was not going to happen,” he says emphatically.

Jon Bon Jovi Concert Canceled in Vancouver: Read the Band's Statement

“What was the first clue? Ticket prices? How about this -- $595 [dollars], $475, all VIP seats; GA seats, $200, $185, $155, and $95 on the grass. $75 for the back of the grass and then the worst seats on the grass are probably around 50 bucks. That was the only section that showed sold-out on the Website and they were the cheap seats, like I said, and they were aided by a Groupon deal.

“Were ticket sales slow? Or maybe it was the promoters. Paper Rain. Who is Paper Rain? I’ve been in the music business for 40 years in this town and when I went to the Website, I knew one guy -- Arthur Griffiths, you know the guy that built Rogers Arena, owned the Vancouver Canucks, owned the Vancouver Grizzlies, and lost it all? Good guy Arthur, really good guy, but Arthur, what were you thinking about?

“The CEO of Paper Rain is one Dennis MacDonald. Who? Apparently he put on the Faith Hill concert in Whistler years ago. Does that give you bragging rights for anything?

“Next, Jon Bon Jovi.  Okay, he’s been here a 100 times as Bon Jovi, but this is a new band, the Kings of Suburbia. Who’s that? Where’s his real band? Was Jon Bon Jovi dazzled by a check book? Probably.

Bon Jovi to Release Special Fan Album Next Month

“And then you had to ask yourselves the big questions. How could the Parks Board and the people running Stanley Park entrust this jewel of Vancouver -- this beautiful park that has just been voted the best park in the world by Trip Advisor -- how they entrust this treasure to what can only be described as rank amateurs when it comes to concert promotion. Mind-blowing.”

Allen points out that Jon Bon Jovi's main band,  Bon Jovi,  was promoted globally by AEG, “the second largest concert promoter in the world,” and that Live Nation, the biggest concert promoter, is just three miles from Stanley Park. “Why didn’t someone get a second opinion from either of these organizations?”  he asks.

Allen then reads the press release issued by Paper Rain about the “postponement” of the Aug. 22 concert.

“Believe me, no other date will be announced. This concert is canceled,” Allen says, before reading the full statement from Bon Jovi Inc.

Regrettably, the Aug. 22, 2015 concert in Stanley Park featuring Jon Bon Jovi & the Kings of Suburbia must be canceled.

The band was ready and willing to give a great performance on Saturday. Unfortunately, the local promoter, Paper Rain Performances, has proven unable to guarantee a properly-produced event. We have recently learned that Paper Rain Performances has failed to procure staging materials and failed to pay the band, staging, security, lighting vendors, etc. As such, they have not met their contractual obligations. Bon Jovi Tours Inc. shares the disappointment of fans for this cancelation and we are grateful for the city of Vancouver’s support as we tried to keep this concert as scheduled for Saturday. Questions about refunds should be directed to the local promoter, Paper Rain Performances.

“So the date is canceled,” Allen concluded. “So people, go get your refunds. Good luck to you.

“As for the Parks Board, if I was City Hall, I'd fire all of you for putting Stanley Park in jeopardy. No one in this entire fiasco did any due diligence until it was too late. They should all be ashamed of themselves.”

Bon Jovi is set to release a special fan album, Burning Bridges, on Aug. 21. The band will begin an overseas tour kicking off in Indonesia on Sept. 11. 

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