Kris Jenner Tearfully Confronts Caitlyn Jenner in 'I Am Cait' Preview

Caitlyn Jenner from season one of E!''s "I Am Cait."
James White/E! Entertainment

Caitlyn Jenner from season one of E!''s "I Am Cait."

Since Caitlyn Jenner went public with her truth, her relationship with ex Kris Jenner has not been the best. In a preview for upcoming episodes of Caitlyn's show, I Am Cait, the two sit down to discuss Caitlyn's transition and the effect it has had on the family — and the result is a tearful one. 

On Sunday's (Aug. 16) episode of I Am Cait, Caitlyn's stepdaughters Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian had an emotional talk with Caitlyn about her Vanity Fair article that revealed her new identity, telling Caitlyn they didn't think Kris was portrayed fairly. When Kris got the chance to chat with Caitlyn, she referenced the article as well, making it clear that she's not happy with the way Caitlyn has handled things in her post-transition family life.

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"You're sensitive and amazing to all these new people in your life, you're just not so sensitive and amazing to the family that you left behind," Kris tells Caitlyn in a preview for next Sunday's episode. Visibly upset, Kris begins to break down in tears after Caitlyn asks for her to see things from her perspective, which takes the conversation to an even more intense level.

"When you feel like you gave your whole life to somebody and the sum of it all was you were a distraction..." Kris begins, with Caitlyn quickly stopping her to defend herself. "It was a distraction from the sense of who I was, that doesn't mean I didn't love you or the kids," Caitlyn says.

The tough conversation between the exes is previewed amongst some happier moments in Caitlyn's new life, including her big ESPYs speech and an appearance by Boy George. The next episode airs Sunday Aug. 23 at 8pm EST.

Watch the preview below.