Alanis Morissette's Justin Bieber Single Teaser Video Is Best Yet

Justin Bieber 2015
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Justin Bieber performs with Jack U during Hard Summer Music Festival at Fairplex on Aug. 2, 2015 in Pomona, California. 

Canadian royals touched crowns today (Aug. 14) when Alanis Morissette recorded a teaser clip for Justin Bieber's upcoming single "What Do You Mean?"

The lead single from JB's next album, "What Do You Mean?" has been privy to a 30-day all-star rollout boasting the likes of Luke Bryan, Ed Sheeran, fellow Billboard Hot 100 Music Fest performers Little Mix and more.

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Morissette's Instagram video, however, is the best yet. It opens with a throwback clip of a young Bieber singing her iconic "Ironic" hit, followed by present-day footage of Alanis jumping up and down while singing the wordless woodwind hook to Bieber's Diplo/Skrillex collab "Where Are U Now." After that goofy delight, Alanis falls backward into a pool. This is definitely upping the ante for future Bieber single teasers.

Watch it below and get tickets to see Justin Bieber's special performance at Billboard's Hot 100 Music Festival here.

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