Lana Del Rey Guns Down Paparazzi in 'High By the Beach' Video

Lana Del Rey High By The Beach 2015
Courtesy Photo

Lana Del Rey in the video for "High By The Beach."

With third album Honeymoon on the horizon, Lana Del Rey'Ultraviolence is the rear view mirror -- but that doesn't mean she won't go Rambo on a paparazzo's ass at a moment's notice in her latest music video, "High By the Beach."

True, the singer-songwriter isn't exactly the first person that comes to mind when you think of someone gunning down a helicopter with a bazooka, but in the just-dropped clip, LDR shrugs off her existential reverie to gun down a chopper hosting a photographer who just won't leave her alone.

Reading about it is one thing, seeing it another. You should just watch the video below to see Lana -- her robes floating through the air -- go Last Action Hero on her airborne stalker.

FYI: If you see Miley Cyrus, don't let her know that Lana has joined Taylor Swift in the ranks of gun-toting pop stars