This Is My Jam Song-Sharing Site Calls It Quits After 4 Years

The developers behind song sharing website This Is My Jam are calling it quits after four years, it was announced Sunday. 

This Is My Jam operated as a site to share one song for up to a week at a time, highlighting and personalizing that single track as a means of genuine appreciation. 

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According to the blog post announcing that the service will be discontinued in its original form, more than 2 million songs were shared on the site since 2011 by about 200,000 users. 

From here, the site will be transitioned to an archive-only version "preserving" the jams, with the ability of streaming them through Spotify playlists. 

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"It feels like we've explored This Is My Jam's original mission best we could," reads the announcement, explaining the reasoning behind its shutting down. "We're ready to free up our evenings and weekends for new ideas and projects, while hopefully doing good by the thing that made Jam great: the 200,000 of you who shared more than two million hand-picked songs over the last four years, week after week. Whew. It's been a serious privilege discovering music with you all."

The post goes on to explain that fractures in the services This Is My Jam relies on, changes in the ecosystem and a shift to mobile have all led to complications running the service as well. 

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