Sheryl Crow Lights Up the Hollywood Bowl as the Lights Go Out: 5 Highlights

Paul Warner, Getty Images
Sheryl Crow performs during the Palace Sports and Entertainment's Come Together Celebration concert at the DTE Energy Music Theater on August 12, 2012 in Clarkston, Michigan. (Photo by Paul Warner/Getty Images)

All she wanted to do was have some fun, and that's when the lights went out.

In her second night of a two-night stand at the Hollywood Bowl, Sheryl Crow was right in the middle of her breakthrough song, "All I Wanna Do," when a power outage brought the concert to a screeching halt. Crow and the rest of the musicians were ushered offstage as the crowd sat in eerie darkness, lit up only by a sea of cell phone screens.

Sheryl Crow's Hollywood Bowl Show Loses Power Mid-Set

But what came before and after Saturday's blackout was well worth the disruption. Below, check out Billboard's five favorite mistakes moments -- in the words of Ms. Crow herself:

A Change Will Do You Good
Crow has so many recognizable songs that changing them up too much is a gamble. Thankfully, that gamble paid off when she was backed up by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra -- conducted by an enthusiastic Thomas Wilkins -- for her stint at the legendary venue, adding a lush richness to ballads like "Leaving Las Vegas" and an elegance to her poppy hits like "If It Makes You Happy."

Baby Loves to Run
While mainstream audiences weren't introduced to Crow until 1994, her very first single, "Run Baby Run," came out in 1992 -- "when I was 12," she quipped. "We were writing that as Bill Clinton was elected. There was so much hope then -- kind of like we saw the other night with the debate," she joked of the first GOP presidential debate.

Are You Strong Enough to Be My Man?
"I wrote this love song even though everyone I know is getting divorced," she said before launching into the twangy "Give It to Me." "I never got married -- seems so risky. So I wrote this to my future ex-husband."

This Ain't No Disco -- This Is L.A.
While Crow has now relocated to Nashville -- and has the country chops and prominent slide guitar to prove it -- she soaked up the sun in L.A. for the first two decades of her career. "My first apartment in L.A. was a mile from the Bowl," she told the crowd, which ate up her breakthrough single "All I Wanna Do" and its many SoCal references. That is, until…

It's So Dark & I'm Losing My Way
…the lights went out more than halfway through the song, around 10:20 p.m. PT -- the first power outage at the Bowl in 19 years. The crowd provided their own light with glowing cell phone screens before the power came back about a minute later. It would be another six minutes before Crow & co. returned to the stage, picking up exactly where they left off to finish "All I Wanna Do."

Sheryl Crow's Hollywood Bowl night two set list:
"Maybe Angels"
"A Change Will Do You Good"
"Run Baby Run"
"Summer Day"
"My Favorite Mistake"
"Give It to Me"
"The First Cut Is the Deepest"
"Leaving Las Vegas"
"Best of Times"
"Always on Your Side"
"Am I Getting Through (Part I & II)"
"Strong Enough"
"All I Wanna Do"
"If It Makes You Happy"

"Soak Up the Sun"
"Every Day Is a Winding Road"