Ryn Weaver Takes Issue With Demi Lovato's Feminism Comments

Ryn Weaver The Fool 2015
Courtesy Photo

Ryn Weaver photographed in 2015 for "The Fool" album cover.

Ryn Weaver is taking issue with Demi Lovato's latest feminism remarks.

First, the good news: Both women consider themselves feminists and likely have the same end goals in mind. But what's a movement without a little infighting (or, at least, in-tweeting)?

The whole thing started with Lovato's Cosmopolitan interview, where the singer shared, "I considered myself a feminist before it was cool. Now everyone is claiming it."

Weaver then shared her disappointment (but also "love") on Twitter, writing that feminism isn't a trendy fad, and that all feminists should be encouraging everyone to get onboard -- no matter when. The end goal is to get everyone to identify as such; it's not a contest.

Lovato herself has yet to reply, but because this is the Internet in 2015, some of Lovato's fans have already taken care of it by yelling and threatening Weaver, who attempts to engage with some, and then realizes it's best to just move on.