'Daily Show' Host Jon Stewart's 'Definitive Exit Interview': Listen Now

Courtesy of Comedy Central
Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" on June 17, 2015.

But don't listen on an empty stomach.

Jon Stewart is wrapping up his final days of The Daily Show this week, and as part of his goodbye, he joined the show's podcast for what the Comedy Central Twitter account called his "definitive exit interview."

So what big insider secrets did the interview reveal? Well, the nearly 30-minute podcast gives fans an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the show all about... the food on set.

The entire podcast, hosted by Adam Lowitt, Steve Bodow and Jen Flanz (producers and writers of The Daily Show), consisted of the crew discussing breakfast foods, lunch debates and cinnamon bagels.

"To anyone who works here, they know, this is the tenor of the conversation," Stewart says, referencing lunch options and scones.

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Stewart did manage to give new host Trevor Noah some advice regarding his food choices on set -- such as keeping Thursday lunches catered from restaurants. "After 9/11 I remember Jen saying, 'Everything has changed. We should get Thursday lunch from restaurants to boost the spirits, because if not' -- I remember Jen standing up and saying this -- 'The terrorists win.'"

There are countless funny moments scattered throughout the podcast, especially when Stewart mentions scaring the interns on set when asking them about his Lactaid-taking habits.