Folk-Soul Singer-Songwriter Lianne La Havas on the Worldly Inspirations Behind Her New Album 'Blood'

Lianne La Havas
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From her lilting accent to what she calls an "all day long" tea habit, folk-soul singer-songwriter Lianne La Havas is London to the core. But her gorgeous second LP, Blood (July 31, Warner Bros.), is a global affair, inspired in part by the 25-year-old's international travels and background. La Havas breaks down the many places and spaces behind the album.

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Idyllic white sand beach, Negril, Jamaica


"My mom is Jamaican, and I went with her to stay with an old cousin. I was so emotional. I saw my great-grandmother's house, my granddad, an uncle I'd never met before. It helped me understand who I really am in a different way than I ever have. I got the chance to work with [producer] Stephen McGregor [Mavado, Elephant Man] in Kingston, which is like hallowed ground. Now, when my family calls Jamaica 'home,' I know what they're saying."

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Busy Shibuya Crossing in evening


"The song 'Tokyo' is about the loneliness you feel when you're going from place to place. Tokyo seemed like the best place to discuss that: It's such a bustling city, but you can feel so alone there. The movie Lost in Translation is about that -- it was in our minds when we were writing."

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New York City Skyline

New York

"New York is a great place for me to write. It's like a movie set -- it feels so familiar because of films and videos. It's like you've already been there, but it's even bigger and better than what you heard about it."

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The Acropolis of Athens


"My father is from Greece. I was 8 when I last went, but it's still really fresh. We went to see the Acropolis, for example, and the crumbling -- I remember it vividly. In the song 'Green and Gold' I use the lyric 'ancient stone' to represent Greece and my father, who was a stone mason. I'm so proud they're my parents -- that's why I called the album Blood. I have this rich cultural past to feast on."

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This story originally appeared in the Aug. 8 issue of Billboard.