Frank Ocean's Brother Rickrolls Fans With Album Release Tease

Frank Ocean

As fans anxiously await the release of Frank Ocean's new album, his brother Rickrolled the overeager with an Instagram post teasing that the album had finally arrived.

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Ryan Breaux, Ocean's younger brother, posted the same photo Ocean did when announcing his next album in April, directing fans to an iTunes link in his bio. But instead of leading to a new album, the link brought fans straight to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."


Its finally out! Link in my bio

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Before clicking through, it would be easy to believe the album had been released because of the July 31 posting date -- Ocean promised a new album (along with a publication) would be out in July. Unfortunately for Ocean fans, the singer has yet to put out the album or publication, or any further details on when to expect it. For now, being Rickrolled is about as close as fans can get.