Amy Schumer Poses as Madonna Circa 'Truth or Dare' for Incredible 'Empire' Photos

The Amy Schumer-Madonna lovefest continues. First, the Queen of Pop tapped the Trainwreck writer/star to open her three New York-area shows this fall. Now, Schumer is posing like Madonna in a photo shoot for Empire film magazine.

Amy Schumer to Open for Madonna at NYC Shows

One shot features two dapper dudes in tuxes leaning into an elegant, cleavage-baring Amy. It's a fairly direct homage to an iconic Steven Meisel pic taken during a photo shoot for her 1991 documentary Madonna: Truth or Dare (though Madonna bared significantly more cleavage).

The other pic is of Amy, finger in mouth, reacting to a man who's unzipped his pants in front of her -- a pose Madge copped during a separate Meisel photoshoot related to Truth or Dare (and which appeared on the cover of The Advocate). That picture, incidentally, found Madonna in the same outfit she wore on the cover of her "Vogue" single. Meisel also contributed to Madonna's Sex coffee-table book.

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It's hard to imagine this getting any better -- unless, of course, Schumer intends to re-create Madonna's cowboy-chic look on the Music album cover

Check out one of the swoon-worthy pics above, and check out Schumer opening for Madonna on Sept. 16, 17 and 19.