Beyonce in 'The Wiz'? Relive Her 5 Best Acting Roles

Beyonce Knowles
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Beyonce Knowles in "Austin Powers in Goldmember" in 2002.

Put on your freakum dress and get ready to celebrate, because Beyonce is reportedly thisclose to signing on to play Glinda in NBC's live televised production of The Wiz

Joining an already-announced Mary J. Blige as the Wicked Witch of the West and Queen Latifah as the Wizard, Bey would obviously guarantee eyeballs for the show that already seems like mandatory viewing. It's a win-win: Producers would obviously love the additional buzz, and for Bey, it's no secret she idolizes Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, who starred in Sidney Lumet's 1978 film The Wiz. So there are plenty of sentimental reasons -- including her having a daughter who would probably LOVE it -- that the superstar might want to be involved. 

Beyoncé Offered Role in NBC's 'The Wiz': Report

But while Beyonce is obviously best known as an ***Flawless musical superstar, she's also been in her fair share of films over the past 15 years. We rounded up just a few of our favorite cinema clips below to get a taste of what we can expect if/when Beyonce takes on the acting project -- and to remind fans that when it comes to conveying an emotional moment through a song, Queen Bey gets the job done.

Overlooked bonus: Beyonce as Glinda means multiple incredible costumes -- this is a woman who is already comfortable wearing a crown, after all.

1. Carmen: A Hip Hopera
In her debut role (which aired on MTV), Beyonce plays the title character in this modern adaptation of the classic opera that showed she wasn't simply Destiny's Child, but a enchanting and dangerous aspiring actress in her own right. Yes, obviously she sings. 

2. Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)
In her first theatrical role, Beyonce -- a.k.a Foxxy Cleopatra --mostly took a backseat to Mike Myers' on-screen shenanigans. But she certainly had her moments, whether that be on a literal stage at Studio 69 (where, duh, she shows audiences she can crush a performance), or holding her own in a comedic scene. Do you see how she goes from angry to laughing in the clip below? ACTING. These comedy bits came in handy when she -- for no real known reason -- appeared in The Pink Panther a few years later opposite Steve Martin. 

3. Dreamgirls (2006)
Graduating from comedy sidekick, Beyonce was ready to channel her musical inspirations and attempt to get some serious acting cred. While a majority of the accolades wound up going to co-star Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, a Golden Globe nominee as Deena Jones, still got a powerful showstopper and (no surprise) showed she's at her best when she delivering an emotional moment via song for the cameras.

4. Cadillac Records (2008)
Beyonce took on portraying a troubled Etta James in Cadillac Records. Once again, her pipes are the high point, but this film also showcased Queen Bey as an actress, highlighting her in scenes as varied as dealing with drug problems and trouble with her family.

5. Obsessed (2009)
Five words: Ali Larter/Beyonce Knowles fight. If you really have to ask, you'll never fully know, but if you somehow missed Obsessed -- Beyonce's stab at drama, minus the music -- the cheesy thriller can be summed up in one sentence: "Derek, I'm going to have to call you back." While the role is pretty far from Glinda, it's also the most recent non-animated performance the star has given that isn't Being Beyonce (obviously, a full-time job). 


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