Chief Keef's Hologram Concert Set For July 25

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
Chief Keef performs as part of the Rock the Bells Tenth Anniversary at San Manuel Amphitheatre on Sept. 7, 2013 in San Bernadino, California.

Update: According to a press release and Chief Keef's manager, Idris Dykes, the rapper's hologram benefit concert is now set to take place on Saturday, July 25, at a private location in downtown Chicago. "[The] event is in fact taking place. Confirmed this AM," Dykes tells Billboard Friday morning, July 24.

In the wake of his planned Chicago memorial show for a slain one-year-old being canceled, Chief Keef had planned to perform via hologram from Los Angeles this Saturday night at a secret location in Chicago. However, as Chief Keef’s manager, Idris Dykes a.k.a “Peedapan,” now tells Billboard, that show too remains a major question mark.

“The hologram show… if it doesn’t happen at one point it’s gonna happen [eventually],” Peedapan says calling from Los Angeles. “And there’s gonna be several of them. Not just Chicago but in different places. So if it can’t happen right now and the city is that adamant about shutting it down, all I’m gonna say is at some point one day it will happen.”

Chief Keef Announces Concert to Memorialize Toddler Killed After Capo Shooting in Chicago

As previously reported, the lightning rod of a rapper had originally planned to hold a memorial concert for the family of Dillan Harris, a one-year-old who was killed by a hit-and-run driver on the South Side of Chicago. (The drivers were reportedly fleeing a murder scene after having shot and killed Capo, a Keef associate). Thanks to outstanding warrants in his home state, Keef was to appear via hologram. However, after Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel’s insistence that Keef’s music “promotes violence,” Chicago concert venue Redmoon Theater quickly canceled the benefit show.

Keef’s manager says the rapper and his entire team was taken aback by the city’s attempt to block what they view as nothing more than an attempt at spreading goodwill to their community.

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“It really upsets me when I read people’s opinions [on Keef], especially big leaders, and they say all these negative things,” he says. “I’m like, ‘Wow, how can you say this about a 19-year-old kid that you guys never even once attempted to sit and have a conversation with?

“Every time something like this happens,” Peedapan continues, “Keef is like “Damn, why can’t they see the positive things I’m trying to do?””