Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Changes Name, Premieres New Song & Album Announcement (Exclusive)

Travis Shinn
Jr Jr photographed in 2015.

Their self-titled new album is due out Sept. 25 on Warner Bros.

Here's one you didn't see coming: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. has changed its name to JR JR.

But that's not all: the artful Detroit indie rock duo has a new album coming and a brand new song premiering today exclusively through Billboard. Check out the whistlin' good vibes of "Gone" below:

As for that new album, it's called JR JR  and due out Sept. 25 on Warner Bros. Records.  

Members Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott shared the name change news from their social media pages. In a lengthy post, the band formerly known as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. started with some background -- a supportive letter from NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr., who wrote in 2011 that "I thought it was clever and I personally have no problem with your band's name. You will not hear from any lawyers on our end should you choose to keep the name."

Though they've worked under that moniker since 2009, Epstein and Zott give a solid reason for going with a clean new name: confusion. As the band's fanbase has grown, "so has the amount of confusion caused by the name Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr." the note continues.

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"Some of it is no big deal and easily cleared up. But sometimes we get sad and bizarre requests sent to our social media sites or emailed to people we work with. We've had people drive long distances to shows only to be disappointed when they realize it's a neurotic Jew and wild haired gentile from Detroit they've paid to see. A number of times now we've received hope filled inquiries from people who have dying relatives that only want to meet Dale Earnhardt Jr. (the driver) before they pass.  Those sorts of interactions feel a little voyeuristic and eerie, and even attempting to simply clarify the situation means you've added a moment of embarrassment to someone's day when they're already going through a lot."

JR JR's forthcoming Warner Bros. album will be the act's first through the major since 2013's The Speed of Things.

Below, check out the new album's official track listing and artwork.

1. As Time Goes
2. Gone
3. Caroline
4. In The Middle
5. For My Brother
6. Philip The Engineer
7. Hypothetical
8. James Dean
9. In My Mind (Summertime)
10. Break My Fall
11. Electrical Energy
12. Listening To Outkast