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Joss Stone

’Mind’ The Gap

Joss"The next big thing." It's a phrase Joss Stone has heard quite a few times since S-Curve Records released the British singer's "The Soul Sessions," an EP of classic soul covers, in 2003. However, with her full-length debut, "Mind Body & Soul," the 17-year-old Stone seems unfazed by all the hype.

With "The Soul Sessions" having set the table, Stone was already prepared with her follow-up act. "I actually started writing 'Mind Body & Soul' when I was 14," Stone says. "I wrote a couple of songs after 'Soul Sessions,' but we had to rerecord everything because my voice was changing so much [as I got older]."

"Mind Body & Soul" features production and songwriting credits from the Roots' Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson, Betty Wright, Lamont and Beau Dozier, Nile Rodgers, Salaam Remi and Commissioner Gordon.

Stone says working with the Dozier brothers on "Spoiled" was an equally special recording. "That was so great,” she says. “That's my favorite song on the whole album, and I don't usually like my stuff. They're the best."