More Acts Join Ramone's Cancer Benefit

The project is due Nov. 16 in North America via Rhino; release dates are still being hammered out in other territories.

Sonic Youth, David Johansen, Andrew W.K., Sean Lennon and Suicide's Alan Vega have joined the lineup for an Oct. 8 New York show to benefit Cedars Sinai Cancer Research Center and the Lymphoma Cancer Research Foundation. Ramones guitarist Johnny Ramone was spearheading the event, which will also feature Blondie and the Strokes prior to his Sept. 15 death from prostate cancer.

Bassist CJ Ramone and producer Daniel Rey will lead the evening's house band, while former drummer Tommy Ramone will read a special message to Ramones fans. Additional acts are expected to come on board.

"Johnny was fully aware of his health situation," says Ramones artistic director Arturo Vega, "and we discussed what to do in the event of his death. His words were 'We can't disappoint the fans and all the people that are working so hard on the shows.'"

In line with the star-studded Ramones tribute held Sept. 12 in Los Angeles, the New York show will boast an exhibition of Ramones memorabilia.