, Elliott Smith, Joe Pernice

Tangled Web: A weekly column featuring intriguing online music-related issues & destinations. This Week:, Elliott Smith and Joe Pernice.

MUSIC FOR VOTES: Many figures in the music community have mobilized this election year to encourage their fans to register and vote in the November presidential election. The latest voter-registration project to emanate from the music-industry sector is, which is presenting a unique scheme in its efforts to sign up new voters: free downloads!

The site is offering downloads of exclusive tracks by the likes of Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Radio 4, the Von Bondies, Lisa Loeb, Bright Eyes and Talib Kweli to individuals who help register new voters. Participants will get a free song for each non-registered voter they successfully sign up through the site. Each of its offered tracks are exclusive to the project -- new songs, covers, remixes or live recordings.'s goal is to register 100,000 new voters in the 18-35 age bracket, which it says was underrepresented in the 2000 election. Industry vets Brian Klein and Chris Jackson founded the site.

SONGS FROM THE BASEMENT: Elliott Smith fans are awaiting the Oct. 19 release of "From a Basement on the Hill," the late singer's final album, on Anti- Records. The label is attempting to satiate demand for the intervening fortnight with a new "mini-site" featuring downloads and streams of tracks from the new album.

Visitors can download MP3s of album tracks "Twilight" and "Memory Lane," and can listen to streaming versions of both of those cuts as well as "Pretty (Ugly Before)."

Elliott Smith Smith died in October 2003 at his Los Angeles home after suffering an apparently self-inflicted knife wound. Longtime collaborator Rob Schnapf and musician Joanna Bolme oversaw the completion of the 15-track "From a Basement on the Hill" after Smith's passing.

SHOOT THE MOON Singer/songwriter and Red Sox fan Joe Pernice of the Pernice Brothers has recorded a song called "Moonshot Manny (Pega Luna)," in tribute to baseball's Manny Ramirez, whose Red Sox open the MLB playoffs Oct. 5 against the Anaheim Angels.

"Moonshot Manny," an ode urging the slugger to hit a home run over Fenway Park's historic "green monster" left-field wall, is being offered as a "free" download from the Pernice Brothers' Web site, to fans who make a donation to Boston non-profit organization First Night, which puts on an annual New Year's Eve celebration.

Pernice asks that fans donate at least $1, and after making a donation, site visitors are routed to the download page for "Moonshot Manny."