Get Your Tennis Fix With These 14 Music Videos

Jake Gyllenhaal in Vampire Weekend's "Giving Up the Gun" video

Before settling in for the latest U.S. Open matches, you can also get your tennis fix by watching these 14 music videos.

Below, we have a collection of clips that are either set on tennis courts, feature tennis players, or just have the word "tennis" somewhere in the song or artist name. (We don't discriminate.)

In honor of U.S. Open 2015, check out some of the best tennis-inspired music videos below (and let us know if we missed any in the comments).

Vampire Weekend - "Giving Up the Gun"

This star-studded video features Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas losing to a young female tennis player, while linesman RZA looks on. It's not their fault they lost: The redhead was unbeatable with Lil Jon as her coach.

Martin Solveig & Dragonette - "Hello"

​Martin Solveig battles DJ Bob Sinclar in the French Open, but when he is about to lose to Sinclair after his ball is called out, Novak Djokovic comes in to vouch that his ball was in. Solveig -- one point away from winning -- gives up after seeing Gaël Monfils walk in and kiss Solveig's girl.

Beyonce - "7/11," starring Serena Williams

Serena Williams takes over BallenIsles Country Club and shows off her tennis (and dance) moves to Beyonce's "7/11" for this Vogue video.

Lorde Aces 'Tennis Court' TV Debut at Billboard Music Awards

Future User - "Clockwork"

Former Wimbledon champ John McEnroe is abducted and tortured by waterboarding in the "Clockwork Orange"-like music video. Controversial headlines flash across the screen throughout the music video and ask: What if this was someone you love?

Lorde - "Tennis Court"

Lorde's single was played during the 2013 Wimbledon women's singles championship, but the stark video has nothing to do with tennis.

Tennis - "My Better Self"

Husband-and-wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley chose their band name because Riley was ranked No. 2 in Colorado at 18 years old. Check out Moore showing off her dance moves in a nearly empty bar in their most popular video.

Tennis' Love-All Couple Talk 'Timeless' Pop Sound

hellogoodbye - "Call n' Return"

Donning bushy mustaches and short shorts, the hellogoodbye guys play a tennis match to win the heart of a beautiful girl.

Yuck - "Middle Sea"

In Yuck's "Middle Sea" music video, an older man continuously becomes frustrated when he loses to a younger man in a tennis match. At the end of the video, he becomes emotional about the loss.

The Lonely Island - "We Like Sportz"

The Lonely Island boys like sportz, and they don't care who knows! From Wimbledon to the Astrodome, Guy No. 1 and Guy No. 2 just need their snacks and beer, then they're good to go.

The Lonely Island Begins Production on Comedy About Boy Band Reunion

Rich White Ladies - "Wimbledon"

The Rich White Ladies duo takes the court to let everyone they're just like Wimbledon: They're the real deal. 

Tiffany Alvord - "My Heart Is"

​In a video that has a real Rebecca Black "Friday" vibe, Tiffany Alvord sings her way across the tennis court to meet a guy. In the meantime, she and her friends show off some dance moves with their rackets.

Rizzle Kicks - "Tell Her"

The Rizzle Kicks brothers chase Maria Sharapova around town as she rocks a tennis outfit. At the end of the video, they watch her win Wimbledon and tell the press that she loves listening to Rizzle Kicks.

Enrique Iglesias - "Escape"

Retired tennis star Anna Kournikova, Enrique Iglesias' partner of 13 years, is featured in this hot-and-heavy music video for "Escape." The two first met on the video's set, and you can clearly see the sparks fly onscreen.

Enrique Iglesias Recovering After Fingers Sliced at Concert

Shakira - "Gypsy"

Shakira shows off her gypsy moves for a shirtless Rafael Nadal in her music video, and at the end of the video, the two onscreen lovebirds share a sweet kiss.