Jon Stewart Is Not Impressed With Ted Cruz's 'Simpsons' Impressions

Jon Stewart
Courtesy of Comedy Central

Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" on June 17, 2015.

Jon Stewart only has a few weeks left as host of The Daily Show, but it's still possible for a presidential candidate to leave him speechless.

Cut to: tape of presidential hopeful Ted Cruz showing off various Simpsons impressions, which are not exactly on Harry Shearer's level. (The video comes from a recent BuzzFeed office visit.) Stewart put it bluntly: It's "the weirdest f--king thing I've ever seen."

"I have to give Ted Cruz credit -- usually you have to wait until you're actually president to do that much damage to something America holds so dear," Stewart continued, before rolling tape of various Simpsons characters reacting to Cruz's impression of them. Poor Homer deserved better.

Watch below (the Cruz talk starts at 1:45).