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Frank Black

Back In 'Black'

TomPixies leader Frank Black showcases vastly different aspects of his musical persona on "Frank Black Francis." The 28-track spinART collection features 15 pre-Pixies demos on one disc and 13 new recordings of Pixies songs with Two Pale Boys' Andy Diagram and Keith Moline.

Black says the re-recordings stemmed from his desire to augment the demo material, which is of substandard audio fidelity but has been in high demand for commercial release for years. "I did them to balance out the sh*ttiness of this little time-capsule piece, so that Joe Blow, who may not know who the heck I am or who the Pixies are, wouldn't feel completely ripped off if he buys this," he says.

The demos include early versions of "Isla De Encanta," "Caribou," "Broken Face," "Ed's Dead," "Nimrod's Son" and "Subbacultcha," among others.

As for the sessions with Diagram and Moline, Black chuckles, "I just sang some lyrics into a microphone and said, 'See you later,' and then they went nuts. It's this sort of freeform, not jazzy, but kind of new-age-y weirdo thing. It's not really like a new record. It's more like an experiment."

Pixies favorites reworked by Black include "Velouria," "Monkey Gone to Heaven," "Where Is My Mind?," "Cactus," "Wave of Mutilation" and "Planet of Sound."

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