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Keith Caulfield answers readers' questions about Rod Stewart, Pet Shop Boys and Chynna Phillips.


Hello Keith,

With Rod Stewart's "Stardust ... The Great American Songbook Vol. III" being released on Oct. 19, will there be any marketing tie-ins with a specific retailers offering the CD with a bonus track? This would be similar to how Target stores did with the second edition of his "Songbook?"



Hi Kelly,

At the present, I am unaware of plans for special editions of Stewart's "Stardust" album being available at select retailers. However, some music stores and mass merchants may have special arrangements in place, so make sure to check around the album's Oct. 19 release.

"It Had To Be You ... The Great American Songbook" has sold 2.6 million units since its release in 2002, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That album's follow-up, "As Time Goes By ... The Great American Songbook Vol. II," has shifted 2.1 million since it bowed in 2003.



As a dedicated fan of the Pet Shop Boys, I've often been frustrated by my inability to find sales figures -- or at least the U.S. sales figures -- for their various albums. I'm wondering whether you would be able to provide those figures, or if you are unable to, if you could tell me where I might be able to find them.

Thank you very much for your time and efforts. I really appreciate it. Take care!


Wayne Studer

Hello Wayne,

I can give you the sales figures for Pet Shop Boys' albums that were released during the Nielsen SoundScan era (1991-present). The company began tabulating sales data which Billboard began incorporating into its charts that year.

Here are the Pet Shop Boys' American albums that have been released since 1991, along with years of release and U.S. sales figures according to Nielsen SoundScan:

"Discography - Complete Singles Collection" (1991; 691,000)
"Very" (1993; 416,000)
"Disco 2" (1994; 130,000)
"Alternative" (1995; 67,000)
"Bilingual" (1996; 149,000)
"Essential" (1998; 39,000)
"Nightlife" (1999; 139,000)
"Release" (2002; 71,000)
"Disco 3" (2003; 38,000)


Hi Keith,

I enjoy reading your Q&A section, and I am hoping you could help me out.

My question is about Chynna Phillips, of the group Wilson Phillips. I really loved her 1995 solo album "Naked & Sacred" and I think it's a shame it didn't do well in the United States. Can tell me how many copies it sold?

Also, how many copies has Wilson Phillips' new album "California" sold? I'm so glad they're back together after 12 years!


Mark Rowan

Hi Mark,

Chynna Phillips' "Naked & Sacred" has sold 22,000 units in the United States since it was released in November 1995, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Wilson Phillips' "California" is fairing better than "Naked." Since its release in May, the covers set from the reunited trio has moved 165,000 units.