Pentatonix Talk 'On My Way Home' Movie & What Scene Makes Them 'Tear Up Every Single Time'



The first 200 fans to respond to a Facebook and Twitter invite from Pentatonix to attend a screening of the group's documentary On My Way Home showed up at Sony Studios in Culver City, California, on Thursday night to view the film in the Cary Grant Theatre and ask questions of their idols after the showing. Most of their queries were preceded by declarations of love and their questions focused on everything from song arrangements to gender to the group's personal pets.

On My Way Home follows the a cappella quintet on their 2015 sold-out North American tour and includes behind-the-scenes footage and onstage performances. "Our manager told us, 'What you do is so interesting and unique, it would be cool to document your tour because you'll also be doing your first original album at the same time,'" Scott Hoying told Billboard just before the screening.

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"We all really love the film," added Avi Kaplan. "It shows exactly what we're like on the road. I think it really gives people the inside look on what we do and who we are."

Each of the five members of Pentatonix shared their favorite moment in the film with Billboard, after giving a "spoiler alert." Kevin Olusola said, "During our Rolling Stone interview, there are some poignant moments because they ask about our goals and dreams. We really captured what we're trying to do with this next album in that interview."

"It does a great job of being really sentimental and nostalgic with our families and our lives beforehand," explains Kirstie Maldonado. "Kevin is talking about music when he's a kid, and it's so cute and so special and then it fast-forwards to what we're doing now and how our families feel about it and the journey we're on. It ties it all in so nicely and we ended our tour at our home where the three of us are from in Texas, which is like a second home to them as well, and that's my favorite part of the tour. I feel like it's captured so well in the documentary. It's really sweet."

"One of my favorite moments is when my dad and Scott's dad are talking together," offered Mitch Grassi. "They're on stage talking about how our production has become so much better over the years and how things have happened so quickly and they're just being dads. It's a really sweet and endearing moment."

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Hoying volunteered, "My favorite part is near the end when Avi is talking about what this journey means to us and it goes into a clip of  'Standing By,' and at that moment, I tear up every single time I watch it."

And finally, Kaplan said, "I love how it shows the silly part of all of us. Each person has a moment of showing that aspect of themselves."

On My Way Home, named for one of the songs on their EP, PTX Vol. III, is available to view exclusively on Vimeo on Demand. This summer the group will tour as the opening act for Kelly Clarkson. A release date for their first album of original songs is expected soon.