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'Teen Mom' to Activist Rapper: Listen to Mackenzie McKee Rapping About Diabetes

Courtesy of GR Media
Mackenzie Mckee in the video for "The Sweetest Treat."

Teen Mom -- the MTV reality show that brought so many, well, teen moms into the limelight -- isn't known as a hotbed of hip-hop talent. But if the show's latest appearance in the limelight is to be trusted, one former star is out to change all that.

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Mackenzie McKee may have just dropped the hottest single of 2015. Though titled "The Sweetest Treat," it's hardly a salacious metaphor. No, the SFW track is a rap song about diabetes (so much for the Sugarhill Gang). McKee lives with Type 1 diabetes and decided to make the song to raise awareness about both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Raise awareness she does, fitting mentions of glucose, insulin injections and "diet and exercise" into her (conventional, if effective) bars. The beat (airy synths plus triangle) comes courtesy of LA On The Track. If the tune strikes your fancy, it's available on iTunes (to benefit diabetes research).

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Meet Mackenzie McKee -- it's only a matter of time before she starts copping the Migos flow: