Enrique Iglesias May Not Recover Full Sensitivity in Injured Finger

Enrique Iglesias
Courtesy Photo

Enrique Iglesias onstage after suffering a hand injury during a concert in Tijuana, Mexico on May 30, 2015.

The singer's hand was sliced by a drone during a performance in Tijuana, Mexico on May 31.

While initial reports said he was expected to make a complete recovery, a source tells Billboard that Enrique Iglesias may not regain full sensitivity in the finger that was injured by a drone during his performance in Tijuana, Mexico on May 31. 

“He will need minor rehab once his finger and skin graft have healed,” says an insider. “Only time will tell if sensitivity on that tip of the finger will come back and at what percentage.” 

During the concert, the 40-year-old singer reached up to hold a camera-bearing drone to give the audience a “point-of-view” shot of his perspective from the stage. One of the drone’s propellers sliced into the middle finger of his right hand, fracturing it and cutting off a flap of skin. 

Despite the injury, Iglesias continued the show for another 30 minutes after having his finger bandaged, even drawing a heart on his white t-shirt in blood. He was taken to the hospital and then flown to Los Angeles for specialty treatment. 

The drone stunt is one he had performed nearly nightly during his recent tour dates. On Wednesday, he posted a jokey fan-made photo on his website called “Attack of the Drones” that featured him screaming as a swarm of drones cuts off his arm and a mic-bearing hand. “LOL you guys waste no time!” he wrote. 

His next scheduled tour dates are July 3 and 4 in Mexico City. It was not clear at press time whether the drone will continue to be included in his concerts.