Jeff Ross Says He Got High With Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart After Bieber Roast

Courtesy of TBS
Jeff Ross on "Conan."

Jeff Ross has a little behind-the-scenes secret from his time doing the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber back in March: At the afterparty (which the Biebs skipped), Ross claims he got high with Snoop Dogg (predictable) and Martha Stewart (not so predictable).

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"We get nervous, you know, these roasts are high pressure," the comic explained on Conan. "So Snoop, a lot of the times during the commercial breaks, will give me the old elbow and we'd go in the back and, maybe, you know, decompress a little bit....[At the after party] Snoop pulled out his -- whatever you would smoke stuff out of -- and me him and Martha Stewart got a little stoned."

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