Tom Petty to Record Second Album With Pre-Fame Band Mudcrutch

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Mike Campbell and Tom Petty of Mudcrutch perform in support of the bands seld titled release at the Troubadour on May 1, 2008 in  West Hollywood, California. 

Seven years ago, Tom Petty's pre-fame band Mudcrutch got around to doing something they intended to do 30-plus years prior -- releasing their debut album.

Netting positive notices and a No. 8-landing debut on the Billboard 200, Mudcrutch had a nice moment in the sun. But by all appearances, it looked like Mudcrutch would fade back to historical footnote status when Petty pushed on to record two more albums with the Heartbreakers (2010's Mojo and 2014's Hypnotic Eye, which gave Petty his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200).

But, surprise -- Mudcrutch is back! Guitarist Mike Campbell (who started in Mudcrutch but transitioned to the Heartbreakers with Petty) revealed to Rolling Stone that "Tom [Petty] wants to make another one. It probably won't take very long. It's a labor of love, really."

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Campbell says the album would have gotten underway in January, but medical issues with Mudcrutch guitarist Tom Leadon held up the process. Leadon was one of two-out-of-five Mudcrutch members who did not go on to form Petty's backing band. According to Campbell, Leadon and drummer Randall Marsh "really haven't done a lot of professional music over the years" since parting ways with the future Heartbreakers in 1975.

"I hope we do some gigs again this time," Campbell said when asked of a potential Mudcrutch tour. "If we have the time and the guys are all up for it, then I'd love to go out and play. But we'll start with the record and see what comes up."