'Lip Sync Battle' Recap: Did Queen Latifah 'Smash' Marlon Wayans?

Queen Latifah
Trae Patton/Spike TV

Queen Latifah performs "Rock the Bells" on "Lip Sync Battle."

The competition was pretty hot this week as rapper/actress Queen Latifah took on funnyman Marlon Wayans on this week's Lip Sync Battle. Right from the start, they were trying to one up each other by hyping up the crowd and attempting to do it better than the other person. But, of course, this show isn't about the hype-- it's also about the performance. And each time they took the stage, they continued to try and up the ante. But only one person had enough ammo in their holster to go home the champ.

Round 1

Marlon Wayans had the pleasure of going first since he has less hit records than Latifah, per tonight's rules and host LL Cool J. Marlon proved he's quite light on his feet during his performance of "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. He even got the show's color commentator, Chrissy Teign, in on the fun when he danced with her in her booth before breaking out his own version of Pharrell's signature big hat. Oh, yeah, he also got real close to Latifah singing in her ear.

"I think he left it all on the floor and I respect and appreciate the effort," Latifah shared.

"If subtle ain't gonna work, maybe sexy will," Latifah declared, stripping off her coat to show off her sleek, body- hugging gown. And she brought the sexy and the sassy with her rendition of En Vogue's definitive kiss-off song "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)."

"Actually I didn't even hear the song. I was too busy looking at the cakes," Marlon shared after her sultry performance.

Round 2

"This is personal," Wayans shared backstage about taking on Latifah. "Yeah you can rap. Yeah you can sing... What can't you do? I'm happy for you. Look at my smile."

For his performance, the stage was filled with smoke and candelabras as Wayans slowed it down and brought the emotion with Sam Smith's personal ballad "Stay With Me." He even did some slow, interpretative-type dancing with his chorus of back-up singers (male and female) making the stage his own orgy of heartbreak.

Despite all that passion, Latifah did have some compliments for his performance but still declared "I'm about to smash it."

"LL Cool J's one of my favorite rappers," she shared backstage. "What can I bring to the table as a rapper that Marlon can't? Everything."

Immediately upon walking on the stage, in her red track suit, LL was floored. And to prove her love for LL, Queen Latifah-- who has a few hits of her own under her belt-- decided to pay homage to her fellow rapper by performing his 1985 track "Rock the Bells." LL was so excited by her song choice, he even shouted out "Rock the Bells" mid-song. Latifah's attitude and MC swagger really made her performance rock solid.

And the winner is...

Were Latifah's performances royal enough to live up to her moniker and reign over this week's show? Well the audience has spoken and the answer is... yes! As Chrissy Teign said earlier in the night, Kangol hats off to you, indeed.