Do Cheryl Lynn & Anita Baker Have Beef? (Updated)

Anita Baker Cheryl Lynn
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5/30 Update: A representative for Cheryl Lynn contacted Billboard with the following information: "Cheryl Lynn does not have a Twitter or Facebook account. The individual sending the communications is an imposter pretending to be Cheryl Lynn. Twitter has been made aware of this situation several times over the last two years." In short, this beef was never cooking.

The realm of Twitter and Instagram beef has become de rigueur for rappers, pop singers, and athletes looking to express their righteous indignation (and maybe publicize an album or new song in the meantime). Classic R&B singers, though, are less known for their provocative social media presence -- until today, that is.

Anita Baker Is Back With a Hit and a Plan for Covers Album

Anita Baker and Cheryl Lynn (best known for her single "Got To Be Real," featured prominently in the classic documentary Paris Is Burning) got into it today on the old timeline after Lynn (6,606 followers at press time) realized Baker (362,000 followers at press time) had blocked her:

Things quickly got very real: 

Anita Baker Countersues Home Improvement Firm

Then, the clarification: 

Then, more sick burns: 

The two divas then proved that they were sipping tea before it was a meme with these tweets:

The subtweeting game was just masterful:

Then came a retweet that hinted at why the whole back and forth might have started in the first place: