The Sex Shop Behind Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Outfits Is Getting a Lot of Calls From Men

Courtesy of YouTube
Taylor Swift in the video for "Bad Blood."

Considering Taylor Swift's star-studded "Bad Blood" video is the most buzzed-about clip of 2015, it was only a matter of time before someone [NY Post] tracked down where all the video's memorable costumes came from. It turns out -- surprise! -- the outfits in Swift's clip come from a Los Angeles fetish fashion boutique called The Stockroom.

To state the obvious, one doesn't typically associate Taylor Swift with sex shops. In fact, no one was more surprised at the order than those working at the store. After receiving an order for loaned clothing in excess of $13,000, the Stockroom followed policy and demanded to know where everything was going.

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"We wouldn't let it leave the building," Shawn Gentry, director of operations at the Stockroom, tells Billboard. "We have to know where it's going and who it's going to with an order of that size."

After the "Bad Blood" shoot was finished, the majority of the $13,000 order was returned by Swift's team (they purchased some of the items) to the Stockroom.

Cue the creepy requests! Gentry says the fetish fashion boutique has suddenly been inundated with phone calls -- "usually from men" -- asking to buy items worn by Taylor Swift. "I don't want to speculate what they want it for," he deadpans.

But the shop isn't going to capitalize on the Swift connection too much. Gentry denies they will sell or rent items specifically loaned by Swift's team, calling the idea "tacky." Also, the returned latex items have already been processed and washed -- so fans seeking a dose of secondhand Swift are out of luck. 

That doesn't mean fans can't buy their own, though. The Stockroom -- which manufactures and designs everything in-house -- is currently stocking up on the items featured in the "Bad Blood" video for "the wave of sales, hopefully, of these garments coming through."

Coincidentally, another famous musician is already rocking one of the outfits worn in the "Bad Blood" video. Gentry says Bjork, of all people, recently wore Selena Gomez's "Bad Blood" outfit for a magazine cover shoot -- except her version of the item was peach-toned.

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Bjork isn't the only musician linked to the shop. Gentry says everyone from Madonna to Katy Perry has worn items from their store over the years.

If you're feeling curious, check out what's available at the Stockroom here. 


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