Steve Aoki Shares His Secrets for Staying Buff, Stem-Cell Harvesting and How He Plans to 'Look as Young as Martin Garrix One Day'

Caesar Sebastian
Steve Aoki worked out with mixed martial arts coach Charles Martinez at a tour stop in San Diego earlier this year.

As someone who spent 300-plus days traveling to more than 50 countries in 2014, DJ-producer Steve Aoki, 37, has become an expert at navigating the late, alcohol-fueled nights often associated with the EDM scene. While gearing up to promote his third studio album, Neon Future II (Dim Mak/Ultra), which arrived May 12, the Las Vegas-based artist let Billboard in on his strict fitness and diet routine.

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How do you stay in shape while you're touring?

I do a mix of CrossFit-style workouts, high-intensity cardio and core work -- the variety keeps the body guessing.

Are there foods you avoid?

For me, it's about less sugar intake. When you're on the road and walk into a convenience store, all you really see are bad carbs taking up 95 percent of the shelves. I try to have the promoter take me to local organic restaurants. I also quit eating red meat and pork -- I stick with fish and vegetables.

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How do you stay focused?

I try to spend 10 minutes a day realigning my mind and body. I do a mental scan from the tips of my toes up to the top of my head. I'm also doing a vocal rest once a month. It's difficult, but it forces you to make time for yourself.

Are there doctors you see?

I went to a health wellness center run by Dr. Terry Grossman [a specialist in nutritional and anti-aging medicine]. His team banked some of my stem cells for future use. I also recommend the supplement Celergen []. It's good cell ammunition -- so I can look as young as Martin Garrix one day!

This story originally appeared in the May 30 issue of Billboard.