Adam Lambert Teases New Tracks Off 'The Original High'

David Roemer
Adam Lambert

As Adam Lambert grows nearer and nearer to the June 16 release of his forthcoming The Original High album, he's giving fans a listen to two tracks.

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Lambert released the audio for "Evil In The Night" as well as "Another Lonely Night" on Friday (May 22). Both follow where the album's lead single "Ghost Town" took off, as they touch on themes of lonliness and how romance doesn't always work out the way you might want it to.

Previously Lambert explained that the album would touch on those subjects. "It's a bit bittersweet," he said last month. "It's a bit melancholy. It's kind of about life always not being exactly what you think it's going to be, but trying to kind of get through it and make the most of it and be the best person you can be -- but it's not always easy. Our dreams aren't always what we think they're going to be."

You can hear the songs below, as well check out the trailer for the album.