'Scream Queens' Extended Trailer Serves Up More Ariana Grande, Shirtless Nick Jonas

Ariana Grande Scream Queens

A scene from the trailer for "Scream Queens."

We would kill for it to be fall already.

An extended, three-minute trailer for Fox's Scream Queens -- from the demented mind of American Horror Story and Glee creator Ryan Murphy -- has arrived, and it offers even more footage of Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Lea Michele and the rest of the star-packed show.

See Ariana Grande & Lea Michele as Sorority Girls in 'Scream Queens' Teaser

Halloween alum Jamie Lee Curtis, as a college dean, goes toe-to-toe with Emma Roberts in the trailer, making it clear she's out to get the sorority queen bee. Also after the sorority? A maniacal killer in a red devil costume.

Watch the trailer below:

Scream Queens debuts this fall on Fox.