Watch Peter Dinklage Sing About All the Dead Characters on 'Game of Thrones'

Game of Thrones
Courtesy Photo

If you exist in the Game of Thrones universe, your chances of survival are slightly worse than a frisky teenager in a slasher flick. In short, the show has a lot of dead characters scattered throughout its history. 

In a new video Coldplay shared for Red Nose Day, series survivor Peter Dinklage sings about the many GoT favorites to bite the dust while he stands strong. Watch the clip (and marvel at Dinklage's vocal chops) below.

This isn't the first Coldplay/Game of Thrones crossover. Will Champion, the band's drummer, appeared in the infamous Red Wedding episode. The Coldplay/Game of Thrones love affair will continue during NBC's May 21 Red Nose Day broadcast.

A longstanding U.K. tradition, Red Nose Day -- which focuses on raising money for children and young people in poverty -- will make its U.S. debut on May 21. One Direction's "One Way or Another/Teenage Kicks" video was created for Red Nose Day.