The Muppets Are Returning to Primetime: 6 Artists We Want to See On Their New Show

Fred Duval/FilmMagic
Kermit and Miss Piggy attend the VIP screening of 'Muppets Most Wanted' at The Curzon Mayfair on March 24, 2014 in London, England.

Much like Goonies, Muppets never die.

Entertainment Weekly just confirmed a new TV show centered around Jim Henson's creations is coming to ABC. But unlike past primetime iterations of The Muppets, this series won't be a variety show – it will be faux-documentary style. EW describes it as "a more adult Muppet show, for kids of all ages." So while it's still family fun, it's not primarily targeted to kids.

From John Denver to Elton John to a recent TV special with Lady Gaga, musicians have always played a huge role in Muppet history. So if the Muppets are coming back, they're gonna need some musical backup.

Here's who we need to see on-camera with Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and the rest when the Muppets make their triumphant return to primetime.

Miley Cyrus

Given her propensity for over-sized props, explosive colors and her love of animals (not to mention that ever-active tongue), it's unthinkable that Miley and the Muppets should exist in the same world without crossing paths. Sure, Miley might be a little too adult -- even for a grown-up version of the Muppets -- but she can probably tone it down from R to PG-13 for Kermit. With the launch of Miley's LGBT homeless charity, this would be a perfect opportunity for Miley to shine a light on the issue on TV by playing a down-on-her-luck teen in need of a helping hand. Actually, let's make that a helping hoof (Miss Piggy to the rescue). -- Joe Lynch

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry has a less-than-ideal interaction with talking animals under her belt (her never-aired Sesame Street appearance), but here’s a chance to make things right with a slightly older, more in-on-the-joke audience. Perry should play a version of herself, a goofy aspiring singer with big pop star dreams (perfect opportunity to sing with Kermit, obviously). Rumor has it she filmed a cameo for the rebooted 2011 Muppets movie, but it was cut for time. Let's right that wrong. -- Erin Strecker


Thanks to Rizzo and crew, rats are well represented in the Muppet world -- but mice? They get the short-shrift. This could easily be remedied with the addition of deadmau5 as a special guest. Not only is his helmet a visual match for their world, but Animal definitely needs to get behind the turntables in 2015. And who better to be his DJ tutor than Joel Zimmerman? Plus, it's a great opportunity for Mr. Mau5 and Disney to put that beef to rest. -- Joe Lynch

Lady Gaga

Gaga already did a holiday spectacular with the Muppets (never forget Kermit & Gaga behind the piano for “Gypsy"), so why not continue the collaboration? Miss Piggy and Mother Monster could trade fashion tips, with Gaga playing Miss Piggy’s boss at a fashion magazine. To attract all ages, her tour partner/bestie Tony Bennett should also be there as her grandfather. (Why not make both their dreams come true?) -- Erin Strecker 


One of the biggest rappers on the planet, Drake has no problem poking fun at himself on television (remember the short-shorts he wore during his SNL hosting gig?), and he could bring some of that 6 God attitude to the Muppet universe. That attitude, of course, is very mild -- Drizzy could certainly play a cuddly cousin to Fozzie Bear, or a new laboratory student of Dr. Honeydew. Maybe his Young Money boss Birdman can guest star and chop it up with Sam the Eagle! -- Jason Lipshutz

Kanye West

Gonzo views his wild stunts as works of art -- just like Kanye West. Naturally, Yeezy needs to stop by The Muppets to play a new rival of Gonzo's, ready to match his performance art toe-to-toe and (literally) catapult himself into his personal passions. Gonzo has his cannon -- Kanye has the hip-hop canon. Gonzo was a baby on Muppet Babies, and Kanye... well, we all remember the 2009 VMAs. And Gonzo is unapologetic in his love for Camilla the Chicken, social conventions be damned: They're a power couple that certainly rivals Kimye in Muppet World, right? -- Jason Lipshutz


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