'Lip Sync Battle' Recap: Stephen Merchant & 'Adorable Gangster' Malin Akerman Get Really Dirty

Scott Gries/Spike TV
Stephen Merchant competes on Spike TV's "Lip Synch Battle."

If sex sells, both Stephen Merchant and Malin Akerman tried their hardest to appeal to those stirrings on this week's (May 7) episode of Lip Sync Battle. Between sappy love ballads as well as stripper anthems and stripper moves, it was a no-holds-barred match where both competitors flaunted their varying degrees of hotness.

Round 1

It was ladies first as Akerman had the honor and distinction of showing off her rocker side with her catsuit-clad, high-kicking performance of "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard.

Akerman writhed around on stage like a seasoned rock star and gave the audience some of the fiercest looks this season. "I didn't realize we were allowed to use our sex appeal," Merchant joked about Akerman's (who, let's face it, probably learned a thing or two while filming Rock Of Ages) passionate performance.



As a nod to his own sex symbol status, as he joked, Merchant slowed things down with Enrique Iglesias' signature ballad, "Hero." The only thing that could have made his emotional, hand-gestured filled rendition of the slow jam any better was if Mickey Rourke or Jennifer Love Hewitt (who starred in the video) actually showed up and joined him on stage. Unfortunately, that did not happen. But, boy, can he lip sync with so. many. emotions. 

Round 2

Malin switched up genres and turnt it up for her second performance-- which included twerking back-up dancers, some booty pops and slaps and, of course, stage humping. It all made sense considering she was performing to Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty." 

"She's like the most adorable gangster I've ever seen. She's like if American Girls dolls made like a thug Samantha," co-host Chrissy Teigen joked about Akerman's swagged-out routine.

But that was nothing for what was to come. Seriously.

A cage? Check. Chaps? Check. Briefs with the word "nasty" on the bum? Double check. It all could only mean one thing. That thing was Merchant performing Christina Aguilera's anthem "Dirrty."

The British comedian really took his Xtina impression seriously when it came to the costuming and the all-out commitment to being double-R dirty. It left host LL Cool J looking rightfully confused. Akerman was a bit speechless. But would it be enough to go home a winner?

Weird moment alert: it would later be revealed Merchant was stuffing a sock in skivvies by pulling out the bundle... that Teigen would also sniff. Off the rails.

"There was a time before you saw this and a time after. You can never go back." Tell us about it, Merchant. 


And the winner is...

For the record, if you perform in chaps you're guaranteed a win. Therefore Merchant went home the champ this week.


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