David Duchovny Premieres Self-Penned 'Let It Rain (Acoustic)': Exclusive

David Duchovny photographed in 2015.
Adam Bradley

David Duchovny photographed in 2015.

Fans know actor-director David Duchovny best for portraying not one but two classic TV characters -- Fox Mulder on The X-Files and Hank Moody on Californication. Soon, we'll see him as the lead in the Charles Manson-themed mini-series Aquarius, premiering May 28.

But now, it's time to let David Duchovny the singer-songwriter into your life.

Duchovny's debut album Hell or Highwater, an album of 12 songs written by the man himself, drops May 12. And today, Billboard is exclusively premiering the gently impassioned "Let It Rain (Acoustic)," the first song on Hell or Highwater.

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"'Let It Rain' is about, to me, the way we look at things that are considered hard or bad or difficult -- the grey area where there seems to be no clear answer -- a bad storm, an earthquake -- and these are the things that end up giving us the most clarity and wisdom and even, in the end, pleasure," Duchovny says. "So -- let it rain.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere below and check out the album's tracklist below the song.

Hell or Highwater

1. Let it Rain
2. 3000
3. Stars
4. Hell or Highwater
5. The Things
6. The Rain Song
7. Unsaid Undone
8. Lately it’s Always December
9. Another Year
10. Passenger
11. When The Time Comes
12. Positively Madison Avenue