Watch Giorgio Moroder & Sia's Doppelganger-filled 'Deja Vu' Video

Giorgio Moroder
Kathryn Hancock Photography

Giorgio Moroder

Another day, another batch of Sia stand-ins.

This time the super-shy pop singer doesn't make any cameos in the video for her collaboration with Giorgio Moroder, "Deja Vu," off his upcoming June 12 album of the same name.

The video opens with Moroder, as a driver, offering up his advice on romance and love to a young man. "Well I can tell you, the girls who make a shadow -- if you follow them, they flee," he advises him. "If you flee, they follow you."

From there, the young man enters a hotel where he runs into a Sia-wig clad lady. And then those encounters repeat themselves over and over again. Get it? Like deja vu.

However, there's a twist. It turns out, that one lady is actually multiple Sia doppelgangers.

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You can watch the video below.