Fun.'s Andrew Dost Talks Writing Film Song With Jack Antonoff, 'Nebulous' Future of Their Band

Andrew Dost of Fun
D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Andrew Dost of Fun. performs during Z100's Jingle Ball 2012 presented by Aeropostale at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 7, 2012 in New York City.  

With his band on ice, Fun.'s Andrew Dost is having a different kind of fun these days -- in film.

The multi-instrumentalist and composer is on a roll now with three movie scores under his belt, including The D Train, which opens in theaters May 8.

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"Scoring films has always been kind of my goal," says Dost, whose recent projects also include the HBO documentary It's Me, Hilary, about author-illustrator Hilary Knight, and the unreleased independent film Me Him Her.

"It's always been something I thought I would do once the band wound down and I didn't want to tour anymore. I thought that would happen when I was a little older, but the band wound down a little sooner than I thought it would, which gave me a perfect time to dive in."

Besides The D Train's score, Dost also co-wrote the end-title song "A Million Stars" with Fun. bandmate Jack Antonoff and OMD's Andy McCluskey, who sings it.

Is Fun. Done?

"That was a fun one," Dost says. "We had talked about doing a song for the end titles, so we cooked something up but we didn't really have anybody to sing and didn't have any verses ... We made a dream list of people we'd want to sing it; we all kind of wracked our brains to think of who the perfect voice would be."

"We ended up wanting Andy and reached out to him; not only did he contribute the verses and sing beautifully," he continues. "It was nice to work with Jack outside of Fun.; he's such a super-talented guy and contributed tons to the song, like just making the bridge out of thin air. Actually the only people who were in the same room at any point of the song were Jack and me, for a couple of hours."

But that collaboration is unlikely to get Fun. back in gear anytime soon while Antonoff concentrates on his band Bleachers and frontman Nate Ruess prepares to release his solo album.

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Fun.'s future, according to Dost, is "sort of all nebulous. I've just started reconciling that it's not going to be on any timetable I'm concerned with. So I'm going to keep doing my thing, treating it like a loose collective."

"Before we were all kind of brothers living together and spending every second together," Dost adds. "Now we don't spend much time together, so it's a little bit of a different kind of situation. I don't know how and when and if we will come back together. I hope that we do; I think we still have a lot left to say."

Until then, Dost is hoping to score more films. "It's nice now to have a few things under my belt so I can say, 'You would be safe with me, and maybe I have a unique thing to contribute to your movie,'" says Dost, who's residing in northern Michigan these days and is also making oak tables.

"It's not a risky thing to hire me."

The D Train soundtrack, which also includes '80s hits by INXS, OMD, Foreigner, Quarterflash and others, arrives digitally on May 5 and May 28 on CD.