It's Official! Austin Mahone & Becky G Are Dating!

Austin Mahone shows abs at SunFest
Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

May 4: Austin Mahone shows of his abs as he performs at SunFest in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Austin Mahone is putting the rumors to rest. Yes, he and Becky G are an item.

"We're dating," he told MTV. "I never had like a real relationship, so it's pretty crazy."

"It's great being with someone that like does the same thing that you do. We understand like each other," he continued. "We understand what we do."

And they are making the time to mix business and pleasure. Mahone also confirmed he'll appear in the upcoming video for her "Lovin So Hard" track.

"I shot a video with Becky recently for her single that's out already ["Lovin So Hard"]," he said. "It was a real cool video, just me and her going around the city of L.A., going on to the beach and just like hanging out and doing fun stuff. So it was a real like intimate type video."