John Mellencamp Performs 'Longest Days' on 'Letterman': Watch

John Mellencamp at The Apollo
Paul Familetti

John Mellencamp at The Apollo on April 23, 2015.

John Mellencamp offered some sound advice and sang an early retirement song for David Letterman when he appeared overnight on the talk show legend’s Late Show.

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Mellencamp, quoting his grandmother (who apparently lived to 100), told the talk show legend, “just remember, we’re looking for trouble, guys our age. We don’t want to sit at home and get old, so we’re looking for trouble…life is short even in its longest days.” That proved to be the segue for his performance of “Longest Days,” the opening track from the veteran rocker's 2008 album Life, Death, Love and Freedom.

Letterman isn’t retiring just yet. He’s still got almost a month until he walks from his long-running talk show. 

Watch the performance below.

Mellencamp was smoking when he joined Letterman for a conventional chat. Really. He was smoking. Almost as an act of defiance, the music guest spoke at length about his heart attack with a lit cigarette in his hand. “I’m only good at about three or four things. Smoking is my strong suit,” he quipped. “I figure my body is so polluted now that nothing could live in there. Cancer would go, ‘I’m not going in there. I’m going to keep smoking.”