Cher Backing Son Chaz Bono's Former Bandmate for Political Office

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Cher always has been vocal when it comes to politics (just look at her Twitter page), and now the music icon is getting involved on a very local level. 

The singer hosted a fundraiser for West Hollywood City Council candidate Heidi Shink on April 18 at Ron Burkle’s Beverly Hills estate. How does the star know first-time campaigner Shink? It all goes back to her son, Chaz Bono, who, as Chastity in the late 1980s, co-led a band with Shink called Ceremony. Bono and Shink (who went by the name Chance at the time) played guitar and sang vocals for the 1960s-styled pop group.

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Since then, Shink has been an LGBT activist and served the past two years on West Hollywood’s Planning Commission. 

While Cher, 68, didn’t show off her musical talents at the fundraiser, she had kind words for Shink. "West Hollywood is so, so special to me, and so is Heidi," she tells THR. "West Hollywood needs Heidi’s tenacity, integrity and activism."

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