B&E: MF Doom

Breaking & Entering: A look at acts breaking at radio and retail and entering Billboard charts. This week: MF Doom.

Profiling acts breaking at radio and/or retail and entering Billboard's charts.

A heaping buffet of underground hip-hop and B-movie samples, MF Doom's "MM..Food" (Rhymesayers Entertainment) is a satisfying meal for those craving a fresh take on today's hip-hop scene.

As the title suggests, the album's running food theme serves up buttery vocals on appetizers like "Deep Fried Frenz" and "Hoe Cakes," while Doom uses a grittier mix for entrees like the PNS (Molemen)-produced "Kon Queso" and "Rapp Snitch Knishes" featuring Mr. Fantastik. Specials like "Fillet-O-Rapper" and "Poo-Putt Platter" are rife with vintage Fantastic Four read-along record samples.

Doom, who has multiple identities in the indie hip-hop world, performs with an iron mask inspired by Marvel Comics villain Dr. Doom. The London-born, Long Island-bred rapper has also released projects under Zek Love X, Viktor Vaughn and King Geedorah.

His latest turn, the follow-up to Doom's 1999 "Operation: Doomsday" (Fondle Em), earns the artist his first solo spot as MF Doom on the Billboard charts with a No. 9 debut this week on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart and a No. 17 entry on the Top Independent Albums tally.

Earlier this year, the rapper enjoyed similar chart success with underground producer/rapper Madlib. Released under the moniker Madvillain, the duo's first collaboration "Madvillainy" (Stones Throw Records) debuted at No. 10 on the Top Independent Albums chart and peaked at No. 9 on Top Heatseekers.

Doom's latest reunites the pair on "One Beer," a four-minute Madlib-produced scramble of Dr. Doom declarations and late-90s beats.

The limited edition bonus CD "MM..Leftovers," featuring songs cut from the final set list, is available for a limited time on HipHopSite.com.

Label: www.rhymesayers.com
Artist site: www.mfdoomsite.com